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Where to Go During Your Vacation in New York

The beaches of New York are still full of summer revelers for one of the best summer vacations in the country. In fact, there are actually more people who want to enjoy the beaches of New York during the summer and not winter. If you are planning a vacation to any place where there is a lot of water all around and the sun shines so bright and long, New York beaches are the best choice for you. For an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy the beauty of New York beaches, here are some of the ways to spend your time and make the most out of the experience.

Swimming. With two-mile long stretch of beaches that are set on the shore of Long Island, New York has a plethora of options for the swimmers. It can be wonderful to swim the waters of Long Island, even if it is only to give you a refreshing swim after an exhausting work day. If you want to soak up the rays of the sun or just go for a long walk on the beach, there are many ways to do that. You can have a good time with the water, go kayaking and try your luck at fishing, go to the spa, swim with dolphins, get a tan, bike, jog, or just enjoy the nature and everything that it has to offer.

Playing. If you love to play in the sand, then there is no better place to do that than the New York beaches. There are several parks that provide entertainment on the sand. For example, the Battery Park City park offers many things to do, including a golf course and golf clubs, several tennis courts, a basketball court, a football field, and a tennis club, but they also have a beach that is suitable for those who love to play in the sand. There are also several public beaches where you can go on sand volleyball games and other sports. Beaches are great for entertainment as they offer plenty of places for you to go and gather your friends and loved ones.

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